Innovative Food Holdings’ operating companies provide chefs and consumers with a broad spectrum of the most direct and efficient access to the highest quality specialty foods nationwide and provide specialty food companies with the most efficient and direct access to reach customers nationwide in both the foodservice, direct to consumer and CPG retail markets. Our first subsidiary, Food Innovations was formed by chef Joe Dimagio in 2004 as a way for chefs to access, from one company, a broad catalog of thousands of perishable, high end, hard to source, specialty products in a cost effective, efficient, and time saving method. Food Innovations created relationships with fishermen, farmers and other artisanal suppliers making us one of the first companies to deliver artisanal food directly to chefs. All of the food in our catalogues have been taste tasted and approximately 90% of the products tasted do not make into our catalog- this has consistently insured that the quality reputation of the products in our catalog remain unparalleled within the specialty food industry.

As Chefs, we understood that chefs do not have the time in their busy schedules to change the way they purchase products or to set up new processes or new accounts for buying hard to find specialty products as a result, we built our platform to exist within the infrastructure that chefs were using so that the chefs could spend more time doing the things they loved doing. To further make the ordering process even more seamless and efficient, we partnered our customized and efficient specialty food platform with a leading broadliner. This enabled us to offer easy and no hassle access to the Food Innovations® line of products to thousands of chefs across the United States.

Our Chief Executive Officer Sam Klepfish joined the board in 2005, in 2006 he was named as the interim President and CEO in 2007. The President of IVFH is Justin Wiernasz, who joined Food Innovations in 2007 and has been President of IVFH since 2008.

In 2008 IVFH expanded into the specialty food e-commerce market by forming and launching For The Gourmet (www.forthegourmet.com) which provides specialty high end food for the consumer directly to the home chef and professional chef. For The Gourmet was also one of the first sellers of gourmet specialty food on Amazon.com and in 2013 also became a specialty food vendor to Amazon.com. Substantially all of For The Gourmet’s business is operated using the existing infrastructure, already in place to support it’s specialty foodservice programs. In 2012 IVFH acquired Artisan Specialty Foods. Artisan Specialty Foods was a small specialty food distributer, re-packer and importer, which serviced several hundred foodservice establishments in the Chicago area. Artisan Specialty Food continues to serve it’s growing number of customers in the Chicago area, but has also now been transformed to serve as a nationwide fulfillment center to support Innovative Food Holdings subsidiaries in both the Foodservice and Consumer markets.

In 2012, after years of requests by specialty food companies for assistance in launching their products into the national foodservice market via nationwide warehouse distribution at the broadliners, we recognized the need to fulfill that market, IVFH acquired The Haley Group in 2012. The Haley group leverages its deep relationships and expertise in the broadline foodservice space and works with specialty food companies to assist them in launching into the national broadline foodservice space.

From 2008-2013 revenue grew from $6.9 million to $23 million in 2013, adjusted EBITDA grew from (487,000) to approximately $2 million in 2013. We believe that a significant portion of the success of Innovative Food Holdings can be attributed to its highly talented team of employees, many of which have unparalleled expertise within their fields.

In 2013 IVFH formed and launched Gourmet Foodservice Group in order to expand our specialty food platform to additional national foodservice broadliners partnerships. In late 2013 Gourmet Foodservice launched it’s first national partnership with a leading foodservice broadline distributor.

In July 2014 IVFH recognized a convergence between specialty Foodservice and specialty CPG thus the company acquired Organic Food Brokers. Organic Food Brokers is dedicated foodservice consulting and advisory firm that works closely with companies to access private label and manufacturers’ label food service opportunities with the intent of helping them launch and commercialize new products in the retail market.